Man Shoots 2 Daughters & Himself But Spares 3 Young Kids in the Same House

man shoots daughtersA California man is suspected of committing an unimaginable crime, shooting his two grown daughters, 37 and 33, and then shooting himself. His older daughter is dead, as is he, while his younger daughter is now in the hospital with critical injuries. The case is so bizarre and mysterious. Why would 63-year-old Anthony Alvarez attempt to kill his two grown daughters and then leave three young children (8, 11, and 13) to call 911?

Of course it could have been worse. At least Alvarez spared the children.

We may never know why, but it does seem like there may have been a motive and that he wasn't purely motivated by evil. Who knows what family drama may have precipitated this case cops called pretty cut and dry in terms of guilt.


Now three children are motherless and that is heartbreaking and wrong, but I would bet their mother prefers this to the alternative. Those kids may be traumatized, but they are alive. This is the way any mother would prefer it to have gone.

The reality is, in families, there are all kinds of secrets and history and reasons someone might fly off the handle and act in shocking and cruel ways. We may never know what would motivate a crime like this or be able to imagine anyone we know committing one.

I just keep coming back to the 8-year-old who heard the gun fire and called the authorities. She must have been so scared. Still, she was alive.

There is probably no mother on Earth who would prefer to outlive her children. While I am sure this mother would have preferred to see her children become fully grown adults, I am sure she prefers this to the alternative. Personally, I can't imagine being in this situation, but I do know I would jump in front of 15 bullets if it meant sparing my kids.

Stories like this happen all too frequently and we all hate to hear about them, but at least this one has this sliver of hope. The children will be able to grow up. They will miss their mother. But at least they are alive.

Still, my heart breaks for them.

What do you think could have made someone spare the children like this?


Image via Aranami/Flickr

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