Man Accidentally Dials 911 as He Shares Plans to Murder Someone

911They say there's no such thing as a "perfect crime" -- but this takes imperfection to a new level. Scott Simon, a Florida man, accidentally dialed 911 whilst talking about how much he wanted to murder someone -- a someone who ended up, yes, murdered a little while later.

The whole thing is truly depressing, even more so since much of the action took place late at night in a Waffle House, which should be a happy place filled with syrup and peaceful stoners, not murderous men with unlocked phone screens.


Simon and the victim, Nicholas Walker, reportedly had some kind of argument at the Waffle House that left Simon in quite a state, voicing his desire to follow Walker home and kill him. Like, literally. Simon's butt had other ideas, it would seem, as it dialed 911 so the dispatcher overheard everything.

Walker was shot and killed a few minutes later -- though cops now seem to think Simon may have hired someone to do the deed. I know, it's confusing and sad and weird, but this isn't even the first thing like this to happen this very week; a few days ago two young men butt-dialed 911 while in the middle of a burglary.

Just makes you shake your head, right? At least technology (or, rather, the misuse of it) could help put extremely stupid, violent people behind bars.

Have you ever experienced a life-changing accidental cellphone call?

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