Chilling New Susan Powell Video Reveals She Feared for Her Life

susan powellThe story of Utah mom Susan Powell has long sent chills down our spine. In 2008, she suddenly disappeared under strange and mysterious circumstances. Among the "persons of interest" police were looking into: Her creepy father-in-law who videotaped and photographed Susan without her knowledge. Then there was her husband Josh, who killed himself and their two young boys a year after she went missing. Now the police have released an eerie new home video that suggests she feared for her life. 


A year-and-a-half before she vanished, Susan shot a home video logging her belongings. She said she was "covering all her bases" and making sure that "if something happens to me, or my family, or all of us, that our assets are documented."

Though, more startling is what she seemed to suggest about her husband Josh. You may recall, the night Susan vanished, he told police he had decided to take their boys on a midnight camping trip -- a story many found hard to believe. In the video, she described a violent outburst at their home during which things were broken.

Take a look:

Surprisingly, she ends the video on a somewhat hopeful note saying, "Hope everything works out and we're all happy and live happily ever after as much as that's possible." Though you can tell by her face she doesn't really believe that is a possibility. 

The police have also released a note that she kept in a safety deposit box with the instruction that her husband was not to see it. It read, "If I die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one." So tragic. I am heartsick over this poor woman's clearly anguished and terrifying life. She must have been living through hell.

With her husband's suicide a few years ago and her brother-in-law Michael's suicide last February, the case has grown cold and police have officially closed it. But there are still so many questions surrounding this woman's death. The main one, of course, is why. You can't help but wish she had fled or shared her fears with a family member or friend that could have helped get her and her children someplace safe.

Does this video give you chills?

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