Jose Canseco Tweets About Being Accused of Sexual Assault -- & He Includes Accuser's Name

jose cansecoWell, this is ... weird. Jose Canesco took to his Twitter page recently to say that he's being accused of rape. The former MLB star, who has a strange Twitter account to begin with, initially named the accuser on the social media site, but then deleted the tweets.

Canseco's first tweet read: "Breaking news this is a first folks las vegas police was just at my house i have been charged with rape by a [victim's name] from las vegas." Shortly thereafter, Canseco tweeted again, saying: "All media welcome to this drama filled event. Did I rape [victim's name] or is she lieing. Stay tuned to another day in the life of jose canseco".

Now. Before we get into the specifics of what's going on here, can we all just take a moment to agree on the fact that running to Twitter after cops show up at your house and accuse you of rape is, well, super f*cking weird. Who does that?


No arrest was made and no charges were immediately filed against the 48-year-old former Oakland A's star, but according to law enforcement, Canseco has been named a "person of interest" in an alleged sexual assault. And TMZ is saying that the alleged event took place on May 10, and the accuser "appears to be a fitness instructor who lives in Vegas".

Canseco wound up taking down his (insane) initial tweets, but continued to tweet throughout the day, wrapping things up with a tweet about how he was getting on a flight to Dallas to play with the Fort Worth Cats. "Come out and have some fun," he tweeted. Business as usual for Jose, apparently.

Now. We obviously don't know exactly what happened the night this incident allegedly went down, or if Canseco had any involvement whatsoever. But it was a really (really) bad move on Jose's part, tweeting about what was going on. Not sure if he was trying the whole "beat the media to the punch" thing, or if, I don't know, he thought he was being amusing. But this was dumb. And not just naming the accuser part (though that was extra dumb!), the whole thing. You don't just flippantly write on your Twitter that you're being accused of rape -- and you don't act flippantly about being accused of rape period.

If Jose didn't commit this heinous crime, great. He should totally get to share his side of the story. But if he's trying to get the public on his side via his candor and "saying what he thinks" (his Twitter tag line) as it happens, he's nuts. I don't think he's going to rack up a huge fan base this way.

What do you think of this?


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