Jodi Arias Jury Returns From Life vs. Death Deliberation -- Already? (VIDEO)

jodi ariasWhat is with this trial? It's one of the strangest we've ever seen. Earlier this week in her last testimony, Jodi Arias made the case for life because she wants to sell t-shirts supporting victims of domestic abuse. Um ... sure, Jodi. Well, that poor jury. They're having a real hard time deciding on her fate. Life in prison or death? Today the jury returned to court to say: We can't decide! The Arias jury is deadlocked.

The jury HAS to reach a unanimous decision. No one is getting executed if there's a single juror who doubts that's the right sentence for the crime. That's why the judge sent them right back to their deliberation and told them to come back when they have a consensus on Jodi's punishment.


The jury deliberated a total of two and a half hours, beginning Tuesday afternoon. So ... that's probably a long time to argue over anything, but it's not unreasonable to ask them to consider longer. A woman's life is on the line. "I do not wish or intend to force a verdict," the judge said. But man, try harder.

Judge Sherry Stephens suggested the jury start on points they agree on and then work from there, which sounds like a pretty helpful strategy.

I served on a jury last year, and I remember feeling the pressure of making a decision that would affect people's lives. You want to get it right! Many of us on the jury came from completely different walks of life and perspectives. That's the ideal, but it also sometimes makes it harder for everyone to reach an agreement.

Anyway, the last thing anyone wants is a hung jury. Then they'll have to start the sentencing phase all over again! Considering how emotional this case has been, I can't imagine the pain of making everyone deliver their testimonies to an all-new jury. So I hope the jury can get it together. Two and a half hours is not that long. They need to keep working on this, even if it takes days.

Are you surprised that the jury is already deadlocked?


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