Susan Powell’s Disappearance Case Closed Just as Police Release Sick New Details From Investigation (VIDEO)

Susan PowellThe disappearance of young Utah mother of two Susan Powell riveted the nation back in 2009. The sordid details of father-in-law Steven Powell's obsession with his daughter-in-law, husband Josh Powell's horrifying decision to murder their two young sons, and brother-in-law Michael Powell's suicide last February have left the case cold and impossible to solve. Police have opened the book on it after all these years and some of the details will chill the blood.

The case was more convoluted and sick than most of us can imagine. Poor Susan Powell lived under nearly constant threat from her father-in-law's sick obsession. He took photos of her without her knowledge and consent and pasted photos of her head on nude women that he would use to masturbate. She was trying to raise her two young sons in this house of horrors.


Now, it has been revealed that police highly suspected both Michael and Josh of Susan's murder and that Josh may have been having an affair for two months before her disappearance. The tragedy is that no one will likely ever pay for what is probably her murder.

It's easy to criticize the police here. There are so many ways they bungled the case and it's deeply unfortunate that the lack of evidence allowed Josh enough access to his young sons that he could hurt them. But the reality is, many murder cases go unsolved.

Our justice system is built so that those who are innocent aren't convicted. You have to PROVE guilt. It's hard and, yes, sometimes guilty people go free, but I maintain it's better than the alternative.

The reality is, anyone who might give Susan Powell justice is dead now. Those who might have been guilty are likely paying eternally already (if you believe that). There is nothing more those people can do in this life to harm others.

Justice for a murder is a cold comfort. It doesn't bring back the deceased or ease their family's burden. Powell's parents still have to live without their beautiful daughter. It's a heartbreak, but it's the way these things happen sometimes. Evil people sometimes get away with murder. It's a horrifying reality.

May Susan Powell be somewhere better, resting in peace with her beautiful boys.

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