Ariel Castro Gets a Taste of His Own Twisted Medicine in Jail

The tables have turned on Ariel Castro, the man who allegedly kept three women locked inside his home in Cleveland, Ohio, for a decade. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were beaten, raped, and held captive allegedly by Castro after he abducted them off the streets. Now it's Castro who is held captive, inside a tiny Cuyahoga County jail cell. And if Castro committed the crimes he's accused of, he is getting a taste of what it felt like to be those poor women.


Castro remains on suicide watch and is therefore checked on every 10 minutes by a guard, his activities recorded. Reportedly Castro spends all of his time either asleep, resting, pacing, or cleaning his 9-by-9 foot cell, which contains only a metal bed with a thin mattress, a metal sink, and a small mirror. Glad there are no windows, as he allegedly never let the three women see daylight in the decade he kept them inside the house, often chained up.

In the early days of Castro's confinement, he apparently walked around naked, but now he's wearing his prison garb. It doesn't sound like he's doing much in there, logs say things like, "Inmate lying on mat staring at ceiling," or, "Inmate lying on mat staring at floor."

Could he be contemplating the horrific crimes he's accused of and reportedly confessed to?

Logs say when he received his breakfast he thanked the officer and then said, "Have a good day, officer." He's so much more polite to people who have power over him! Early reports said that Castro was being hounded by other inmates who yelled at him all night, calling him names. I hope they're still around.

Obviously, Castro hasn't been found guilty yet; however, the evidence against him seems overwhelming. Presuming he did imprison these women for a decade, it's nice to hear of him getting a small taste of what he doled out to them.

Only he knows he will get fed. (He allegedly starved the women for days at a time.)

He knows he won't get punched or kicked in the gut like he allegedly did to Michelle Knight until she miscarried. Nor will he get hit in the head so many times that he'll lose his hearing, like what reportedly happened to Michelle.

He won't be raped. He will probably get an hour a day of exercise. All in all, better than he allegedly treated those poor girls.

But it's a taste. And I hope he hates the bitter taste of it.

Do you think this is sweet revenge on Castro?


Image via AP/Cuyahoga County Jail

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