Former Hero Cop Arrested for Holding Hostage & Raping 2 Women

Richard DeCoatsworth

Is it just me or has this been a particularly awful month in terms of horror stories about women being kidnapped, killed or forced to do depraved things against their will? Last thing we need is another one, but of course, we got it. A former Philadelphia police officer has been arrested for date raping -- possibly at gunpoint -- two 20-year-old women he met at a party. Richard DeCoatsworth, 27, was arrested and charged with rape, sexual assault, terroristic threats and related offenses after the two victims reported him to police.

Here's how the sordid string of events went down:


DeCoatsworth was apparently at a party Thursday night where he met two women -- one of them he may or may not have already known. The three left and went to some location where DeCoatsworth is accused of forcing the women to use narcotics and engage in sexual acts, according to police. He may have even threatened them with a handgun -- though that's unclear at this point -- but makes sense if you consider the "terroristic threats" charges he's facing.

This is a dude was hailed a hero after getting shot in the face by a suspect, but still managed to chase him down and catch him despite his bullet wound. This is a dude who was honored by Sen. Joe Biden for his heroism and got to meet and sit next to Michelle Obama in 2009. This is a dude who is obviously pretty messed up.

After the facial gunshot incident that shot him to local fame, DeCoatsworth was involved in a few sketchy types of incidents where gunfire was involved, and started to become the suspect of numerous complaints. He retired from the force in 2011 on disability from his original injuries, which now seems like a good move, considering the recent chain of events.

We still need to hear DeCoatsworth's side of the story. He's not guilty of anything yet. But if all that police are claiming is in fact true, this is not a guy you want out on the streets "protecting" women and children. Just a guy who needs to be behind bars -- former cop or no.

Check out footage of DeCoatsworth with Michelle Obama below:


Image via TECHMOTO88/YouTube

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