Mother Arrested for Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl But We Can't Blame Her

A mother was arrested inside her daughter's school after allegedly assaulting an 11-year-old girl whom her daughter says was bullying her. Attifa Brown was charged with a slew of things that make her sound like a terrorist -- including "terroristic threats." Which makes me wonder what that entails exactly because I have the feeling well all make "terroristic threats" occasionally when we're pissed off! Anyway, the mom says she had good reason to confront the 11-year-old -- because she was beating up her daughter, who even has a face bruise to show for it. She denies she assaulted her, however.


Videotape caught the incident inside the school and the alleged bully's mom, Bobby Webster, denies her child is a bully and says about the other mom:

The tape showed this lady over my daughter for minutes, poking her in the face, pulling her hair and beating her.

Well, yikes, if there's videotape showing THAT, then the mom is in trouble. Says Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia police:

The problem here is that we have a 26-year-old mother who has no reason to approach an 11-year-old child, so her credibility as far as I'm concerned is shot.

No offense, officer, but I beg to differ that she had "no reason" to approach an 11-year-old child. If the child was assaulting her child and complaints to the school brought no action (as they often don't) then I can't blame the mom for getting in the little girl's face. Now laying hands on her (if she did)? That's another story.

But what is a mother to do? Mothers are sick of this. As this mom, who denies she touched the girl, says: "I'm human."

The right way to go about this would be to report incidents to the school. To document bruises or other evidence. To call the police.

But what if they do nothing???!!!

Then, yeah, I don't blame a mom for going all mama bear and getting in a kid's face. Shamefully, I would do it too. Does this teach your kid that violence is the only way to stop violence? Not if done correctly. Not if you stand tall over that bully, look her straight in the eye, point a finger and say, calmly, "You are not to touch my child again."

And if THAT doesn't work? Then what? I wish I had the answer. Laying hands on another child will just get you in trouble, like this woman is now. Now she needs to hire a lawyer, she might lose her job, might even go to jail.

Schools, wake up. Zero tolerenace for bullying should mean, at the very least, a conference with all parties. Separating the girls into different classes. Eyes on both parties. Something! And as for moms who insist their little snowflakes aren't bulliers, sit down with your child anyway. Maybe they ARE. Talk to them. Discipline them for god's sake!

At least this mom didn't go to school with a chain.

What do you do when your child is being bullied? Is your child's school helpful?


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