New Hope That Madeleine McCann Might Still Be Alive!

Madeleine McCannJust weeks after those three girls were rescued in Ohio, here's some more encouraging news about another missing child: Madeleine McCann might still be alive! Yes, we've heard this before. And yes, we -- especially her parents -- have been disappointed. Supposed leads and sightings that turned out to be nothing. But this time feels different, dare I say it, more hopeful. Police in England say they have identified about 20 new "persons of interest" that they want to talk to, and have found some "forensic evidence" they want to take a look at. In the six years since 3-year-old Maddie vanished from her bedroom at the Portuguese resort where her family was staying, we have never heard the police come forth with something this "big" before.


But will it lead anywhere this time? There are a number of problems right from the get-go. The biggie: The Portuguese police are not exactly cooperating. This is not a big surprise since they pretty much royally screwed up the investigation of the 3-year-old's disappearance early on, failing to interview certain suspects and messing up the crime scene. It's not a surprise that they just want to put the case behind them and move on, plus, they say they can only re-open a case if there's new evidence, which they don't technically have.

Unless, that is, one of those 20 "people" the British police have identified, many of them English citizens, can lead them in a direction that they haven't been led before. Police aren't giving out many details about those people yet, but it seems logical they might have been vacationing at the same resort as Maddie and her family, and might have seen or known something. Who knows where even the tiniest bit of new information could lead? Sometimes it just takes one person to turn the world upside down -- looking at you, Charles Ramsay!

With the Ohio kidnapping still so fresh and raw on everyone's mind, it's hard not to think of a 9-yar-old Maddie in a similar position as those three women right now. Living in a house, somewhere in the world, against her will, away from her parents and family forced into God knows what types of horrors. This is the evil reality of our world, as we all well know.

But it's still better to think of her that way than the alternative -- because then at least the chance of finding her and bringing her back home still exists. What happened in Ohio teaches us that no matter how many years pass, it's never time to stop searching for these children. Until we know with 100 percent certainty their fate, we always need to keep looking and believing.

Do you think this might finally be the big break this case needed?

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