Boston Bomber’s Confession Letter Contains Infuriatingly Cruel Comment About His Victims

Bombing noteOne month after bombs shattered the euphoria at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, investigators say suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote a note on the wall of the boat he was hiding in before he surrendered to police on April 19.

Scrawled in pen, his message—and the makeshift dry board he scribbled it on—were riddled with bullet holes. He himself was bleeding from gunshot wounds he sustained during an earlier shootout between police and his older brother, Tamerlan, the accused co-conspirator in the attacks that senselessly killed three and injured 264.

Even down to what could’ve very well been his last moments, Tsarnaev was passionate in his zealotry and dedicated to his cause. And he fired off a whole mini-manifesto about it.


He claimed responsibility for the attacks but justified his action as retribution for what the U.S. did to Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” he wrote.

He also called the Boston victims “collateral damage,” like Muslims are in U.S. wars.

And even though, as the only living member of the hell-raising duo, he’ll be shouldering prosecution for the bombings by himself, Tsarnaev added that he considers his brother a martyr in paradise. For that reason, he doesn’t mourn him. In fact, he expects to join him there when he makes that transition from the land of the living to the afterlife.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The Quran is spilling over with verses about peace and love and respect and fairness. It’s unclear what version this dude and others like him have been reading, but even the deepest resentment against a system that has admittedly inflicted untold amounts of pain and despair on other innocent people doesn’t justify murderous revenge.

Because Tsarnaev penned his confession before he was read his Miranda rights, there may be a struggle to have this note and other self-incriminating statements he made directly to police admitted into the case. That remains to be seen. It’s clear that he and his brother had a tour of chaos and destruction on tap after they ravaged the Boston Marathon. Authorities found evidence that they were planning to wreck similar carnage in Times Square.

Between the note and their presumed blueprint for evil, we do know they had no mercy and no regrets. 

Do you think he’s telling the whole story or were others involved who have yet to be pinpointed? 

Image via marc falardeau/Flickr


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