Ariel Castro Wants Us to Know How 'Dearly' He Loves His Daughter With Kidnap Victim Amanda Berry

Ariel CastroOh for the love of Mike. Ariel Castro, alleged kidnapper and all around sicko (allegedly), is upset, y'all! Set to plead not guilty, he can't believe that American thinks he's a monster. In fact, he wants us all to know that he loves his daughter dearly. Wait. Isn't this the daughter delivered by kidnapping victim Amanda Berry during her nearly 10-year ordeal, locked up in a house in Cleveland, Ohio, with two other women who were also being held against their will?

Yup, that's the one! The way Castro's lawyer, Craig Weintraub, tells it, we should all be ashamed of ourselves for demonizing his client. And fellow attorney Jaye Schlachet went even further!


Said Schlachet:

I can tell you that Mr. Castro is extremely committed to the well being and positive future for his daughter, who he loves dearly. And if people find that to be a disconnect from what he's alleged to have done, then the people will just have to deal with it. We just know how he feels about his little girl.

Disconnect? That's putting it mildly, folks.

I know a lawyer's job is to spin a tale to get their client the best deal, but telling the world that a man loves a child conceived during an alleged rape is hardly convincing.

That's like a serial killer announcing he's just donated a large sum of money to charity and expecting us all to forgive him for the series of bodies he's left in his wake.

One right does not undo a mountain of wrongs.

Does Ariel Castro love his daughter? Probably somewhere in that head of his, he does.

But most criminals love their kids. That doesn't keep them out of jail. It doesn't make their crimes less heinous.

As it stands, Ariel Castro is facing charges of kidnapping and rape. And with Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight standing here able to talk about the horrors that went on in that house, he's not going to be able to run and hide. He's going to have to face the charges against him and put up the best defense possible.

Loving his kid isn't going to be enough.

Do you believe Castro loves his kid? Does it MATTER?


Image via Cuyahoga County Sheriff

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