South Carolina Mom Charged With Killing Kids Was a 'Model' Parent

crime sceneMoms aren't supposed to hurt their kids. It's not a law so much as a general rule of life. But a South Carolina mom was arrested this week and charged with doing the very worst thing a mother can do: killing her own kids. After Suzanna Simpson allegedly shot her children and husband (who is clinging to life in a hospital), she turned the gun on herself ... but couldn't go through with it.

What kind of mother kills her kids? In Suzanna Simpson's case, it would seem a "model" one.


That's what a spokesman from her kids' school district called her. She was an active volunteer at the elementary school 7-year-old Carly and 5-year-old Sawyer attended.

She had no criminal record.

There were no domestic violence calls to her home.

Her kids were well-liked and well-behaved. 

And now Suzanna Simpson is charged with two counts of murder and attempted murder in the deaths of her own children.


How do we rectify the image of a "model" mom with a cold-blooded killer who murders her own children in their beds? With a woman who kills her children and then wants to KEEP ON LIVING?

My mind tells me it happens all too often. My heart is still insisting there must have been signs, there must be a good reason for this.

As if there could ever be a good reason for killing your children? Of course there isn't. Never. Ever.

But we look at the description of Suzanna Simpson and the story that's unfolded in her South Carolina town, and we're left wondering where we draw the line between good and evil. If a "model" mom with model kids can go 'round the bend, are we all just walking a tightrope between the two? Is there any clear line? 

Could you imagine a model mom snapping like this?


Image via CarbonNYC/Flickr

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