Mom Stabs Intruder to Death After Celebrating Mother's Day (VIDEO)

Don't mess with a mom -- especially if she's also a CrossFit trainer. A woman named Tennyson Jacobson reportedly stabbed an intruder to death after the man broke into their home and was confronted by Tennyson's husband, Kyle, who immediately began grappling with him. Tennyson didn't just stand by and scream helplessly like women used to do in movies (thank god they stopped doing that) -- she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the guy to death.


Police believe that the intruder actually had the temerity to make this his second time breaking into the home. He'd apparently already done it once before -- bursting in when Tennyson was at home with her newborn daughter and her mother, and robbing her.

This time, Tennyson was home with her husband and her baby girl and had just posted to Facebook about enjoying her first Mother's Day when she and her hubby heard their dogs barking. They went to investigate and standing in their darkened hallway stood a man.

The man and Kyle began fighting and that's when Tennyson ran for a kitchen knife. She reportedly plunged it into the invader, killing him.

The home invader may have thought Tennyson was a sitting duck since the first time he broke in, he apparently robbed her, getting away with cash. That time, he was able to sneak attack her from behind, grab her hair, and punch her in the face. This time, however, he didn't get the element of surprise and she was able to defend herself, her husband, and her baby.

This is pretty crazy. You don't hear about too many home intruders who will break in while people are home and dogs are barking. Especially twice! Could the guy have been bananas? Maybe he had some other nefarious act in mind? Did the couple know this guy? Police say there's no indication of that so far.

Tennyson's CrossFit training and quick thinking certainly came in handy.

Have you ever had a home break-in or had to defend yourself or your family?

Image via KIRO Channel 7

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