Chilling Moment That 3 Kidnapped Women Were Rescued Caught on Video

The incredible saga of three women who were held captive for a decade in a house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio continues as more information comes to light. Video has surfaced of the moment police barged into the house after Amanda Berry's miraculous escape. Inside, cops found two other victims, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, still inside the home. Reportedly the victims were not bound at time. They were simply terrified and brainwashed. After a decade, it's not surprising that they had given up trying to escape. The video shows how strong the police force was that responded to the 911 calls of Amanda and her now-famous neighbor, Charles Ramsey. Cops have been accused of dropping the ball on their missing persons cases, but the video shows they were taking things seriously at this point.


The video, which was taken by two local women who just happened to be passing by, shows at least half a dozen cops rushing into the house after one of them pries open the locked door that Amanda and Ramsey had kicked the bottom out of minutes earlier. They rush in with guns drawn. Here's the video:

Ashley Colon, who shot the video on her cellphone, says that Amanda was already in the street by this time and another picture shows her hugging her child, Jocelyn. Next to her is the blurry image of a man who looks like Charles Ramsey -- he is wearing the same white t-shirt Ramsey wore on that day's interviews -- somewhat negating neighbor Angel Cordero's contention that it was he who helped Amanda escape. Video of the house, with its stairs and the bottom of the door kicked out, truly show Ramsey's heroics -- he was bashing in a neighbor's door and could have been arrested. Or suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro could have come home, caught him, and harmed him. Yet he did it anyway.

Ashley Colon says once Amanda got out, she kept hugging the first officers who arrived and was shaking as if it was subzero temps outside. Here's Amanda's first moment of freedom in a decade:

Once police are inside the house, they call for backup. On the dispatch tapes, you can hear an officer say, "This might be for real ... There might be others in the house ... Georgina DeJesus might be in this house also ... We found them. We found them." At this point, you can hear the women wailing in the background. It is truly chilling. Reports say that the women literally leaped into the officers' arms. Here is the audio:

I'm still astonished at this horrific story. Thank god these poor souls were discovered. If only it had been a lot earlier.

Do you think the police should have discovered them earlier?


Image via Ashley Colon/Channel News 5

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