Castro Brothers Say They Knew Nothing About Ohio Kidnappings but Are Being Persecuted Nonetheless

Castro BrothersIn addition to the three women and child held captive and tortured in an Ohio House of Horrors, there may two others that were harmed by the actions of accused kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro -- his own brothers. Pedro and Onil Castro were originally detained along with him for their suspected involvement. Now, however, it seems they may have known nothing at all

The men -- who are currently in hiding along with other family members -- were released by police, and authorities say there's no evidence they had anything to do with the abduction or torture of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. Despite that, however, their lives have been forever altered, and they've been the targets of much hate.


In an interview with CNN, which will air Monday, the men spoke about how they've had rocks thrown through the windows of their homes and have received death threats. They say they're not able to go home and believe that people will always suspect they had some involvement. Pedro said:

I couldn't never think of doing anything like that. If I knew that my brother was doing this ... I would not be, not -- in a minute, I would call the cops because that ain't right. But yeah, it's going to haunt me down because people going to think, yeah, Pedro got something to do with this and Pedro don't have nothing to do with this. If I knew, I would have reported it, brother or no brother.

It's heartbreaking on so many levels. First to realize that someone you share blood with could be such a sick, twisted individual, and you had no clue. But then to have people think you could have anything to do with it is just unimaginable. I feel for them, and hope that with time and perhaps more assurances from police that they had no involvement or knowledge that they can resume their lives as normally as is possible in the wake of this horrific crime.

Can you imagine learning that one of your relatives did something this horrific?


Image via CNN

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