Cleveland Kidnap Victim Shuns Family After Rescue & May Move in With Fellow Captive

michelle knightThe three women who were rescued from that Cleveland house of horrors have endured unfathomable pain at the hands of Ariel Castro, and for 32-year-old kidnap victim Michelle Knight, the road ahead to relief is still uncertain. We've seen the joyful reunion Amanda Berry had with her family; Gina DeJesus was welcomed home with balloons and cards and "immediately bonded" with her loved ones; but Michelle Knight continues to shun her family since her rescue.


Before Knight was kidnapped at 20, her family life was anything but perfect. She was reportedly abused at home, gang raped in junior high school, had a son (of whom her grandmother was given custody), and ran away, leaving her family to believe she was dead.

Her family filed a missing person's report, but did little else to find her. Now that she's been found, they're reportedly looking to cash in on her rescue.

Michelle's mother flew from Florida to Ohio once she heard the news, but Michelle's refused to see her --  her mom has consequently hired an attorney to gain access to her daughter.

There are conflicting reports about what happened when Michelle's grandmother showed up at the hospital -- one account says Michelle refused to see her while another states they talked, but the meeting was tense -- but by all accounts, Michelle doesn't sound happy nor excited to reconnect with a family that may or may not have given up on her.

There is, however, a family who is hoping to adopt Michelle. Fellow victim Gina DeJesus was like a sister to Michelle in captivity and her family is insisting that Michelle come live with them. A neighbor told the Daily Mail that the DeJesuses are a loving family who want to make sure Michelle gets the help she needs.

The last thing anyone wants is for Michelle to return to a home in which she doesn't feel safe. She, Amanda, and Gina have an incredibly arduous path to recovery ahead of them and require all the love and support they can get. And if the Knights cannot provide that for Michelle, or if she doesn't (understandably) want anything to do with them, it sounds like the DeJesus family is more than willing to take her in.

The DeJesuses might be the godsend Michelle has been praying for her entire life.

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