Mother Slits Her Dog's Throat Because It Sniffs Her Daughter's Crotch (VIDEO)

I firmly believe there is a special place in hell for people who are cruel to animals, in which case there is an entire room waiting for Andrea Fiegle, who reportedly admits to slashing her dog's throat ... because he wouldn't stop sniffing her daughter's crotch. Andrea seems completely unaware that this is natural behavior for a dog -- especially an unneutered male dog. Even if she didn't know this, what exactly was she protecting her daughter from? A perverted dog? This woman sounds like a complete moron as well as being an absolutely cruel and inhumane [insert several swear words I can't use].


Andrea reportedly called 911 to report that her dog was dead and police say she admitted killing the dog because of his crotch-sniffing behavior. This reminds me of the guy who thought his dog was gay because he mounted another dog. Ugh, where do these people come from?!

Andrea also apparently said the dog wasn't aggressive in any way, and she told the cops exactly why she killed the dog, as if this was an acceptable excuse!

Not only that, Andrea had apparently bought the dog as a gift for her 9-year-old daughter a few months ago. Nice! Imagine having mommy slit your dog's throat. This child is going to need serious therapy! This is one reason I am so against selling animals. Pet stores do not care who they sell to. Shelters, on the other hand, interview applicants, visit their homes, check vet references. At least the good ones do. Sure, you may still get a bad adopter, but you cut the chances down dramatically.

If you're going to get a dog for your kids, make sure you educate yourself on dog behavior. Some dogs can be a lot of work. Make sure you're prepared for it. Also make sure you have money for vet bills (some of them completely unexpected) and for training classes.

This poor pooch went from a pet store to a psycho woman's home. I can only imagine what she did to the animal before she slit its throat. This woman shouldn't have any living thing in her home ever again -- in fact, I would go so far as to say that her parenting skills are in serious question. If you're going to slit a dog's throat, who knows what you'll do to your kid.

This woman lives in Hawaii, where her crime is a Class C felony. If she is convicted, I certainly hope she gets the full punishment: Five years in prison. Her daughter would be much better off without a mother who doesn't slit her puppy's throat.

Do you think the mom should go to prison?



Image via KITV

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