Boston Bomber's Body in Limbo Because No Massachusetts Cemetery Will Take It (VIDEO)

tsarnaev bodyThe victims from the Boston Marathon bombings have been laid to rest. But what about the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev? His parents and widow have refused to claim his body. And now, Massachusetts cemeteries are refusing Tsarnaev's body as well.

Since he was killed on April 19, Tsarnaev's body has remained at the Boston morgue. Peter Stephan, owner of Graham Putney and Mahoney Funeral Parlor, finally agreed to make arrangements for the body -- despite the jeers of protesters. "They can protest, but what do you do? In this country, we bury the dead," he said. But Stephan hasn't been able to find Tsarnaev a final resting spot, and Islamic law prohibits cremation.


That's too bad. Cremation would have been the perfect solution. I respect Stephan for respecting Tsarnaev's religion, though.

At least Tsarnaev's uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, and other relatives finally claimed his body. But they'll have to find a quiet, nondescript graveyard. And it might be smart to leave the grave unmarked. Whenever notorious people are buried, their spots often get vandalized or other negative attention. I can't blame cemeteries for being reluctant to throw out the welcome mat. But wow -- not a single cemetery in Massachusetts accepted Stephan's request to bury the body in their space.

Meanwhile, people booed Tsarnaev's corpse as it left the coroner's, and they're saying worse at the funeral parlour, too. I understand why they're angry. But it's such a sad waste of energy. We don't honor the victims by expressing hate. We honor them by focusing on moving forward and building the future. And anyway, what else are they supposed to do with that body? Keep it at the coroner's forever? Something has to be done. And someone, somewhere will eventually accept the body.

Do you think it's possible to transport Tsarnaev's body and bury it in an unmarked grave without anyone finding out where?


Image via Fox News

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