Jodi Arias Closing Arguments: 8 Things the Jury Will Consider (VIDEO)

Jodi Arias

Closing arguments for the Jodi Arias murder trial are set to start tomorrow. The trial began in January and Jodi, who is accused of killing her on-off boyfriend Travis Alexander in a jealous rage, has been a witness on the stand for 18 days out of the trial. A huge amount and almost unheard of. There's no doubt why the public has been so enrapt with the trial. It's been chock-full of sex, lies, naked photos, religion, and more sex! Good golly, there was a lot of sex. Jodi and Travis seemed to be having it pretty much up until the moment she shot him and stabbed him to death. Jodi says it was all self-defense and has claimed numerous amounts of mental health issues. She also says Travis was abusive and the killing was self-defense. The prosecution says she was just a jealous harpy. Who's right? Here are eight things the jury will have to consider.


Jodi's mental health. Jodi admits killing Travis but WHY? That's the crux of the trial. Expert witnesses have testified that Jodi had everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to borderline personality disorder to battered women's syndrome. The prosecution will stress that she was just jealous and angry since Travis was never exactly faithful to her.

Travis's character. Friends have testified that Travis was a good Mormon guy and Jodi was stalking him and couldn't handle their breakup. Jodi has testified that Travis was an abuser who also happened to like little boys. There is no evidence of either except Jodi's word.

Jodi's lies. First Jodi claimed she wasn't with Travis at all. Then she claimed masked intruders killed him. Two years after her arrest, she finally admitted it was her -- but she did it in self defense.

The gun. Jodi claims the gun was in Travis's closet and she later disposed of it in the desert. The prosecution thinks Jodi stole the gun from her grandparents' home. Whether Jodi walked into Travis's house with a gun or not would go a long way toward establishing premeditation. But the gun hasn't been found.

Jodi's memory. She claims not to remember most details of the murder. Will the jury buy that?

Jodi v. Travis. At the end, it will come down to who the jury likes better and believes more -- Jodi or Travis. Travis wasn't around to defend himself, but Jodi was and she didn't exactly do a great job of it.

Jodi herself. Whether or not Jodi gets the death penalty will depend on how much the jury decides they "know" her. Experts say that when the jury asked her a series of questions, they called her "Jodi" -- a sure sign they saw her as a person, and that means they're less likely to want to end her life.

The evidence. The evidence is so overwhelming against Jodi that it would be truly a monumental upset if she wasn't convicted of first degree murder.

What do you think will happen?


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