Second Arrest in Ricin Letter Case: Martial Arts Instructor, NOT Elvis Impersonator

J. Everett DutschkeA second arrest has been made in connection to the ricin-laced letters mailed to President Obama and two others. The FBI arrested Martial Arts Instructor J. Everett Dutschke in Tupelo, Mississippi early this morning. Let's hope this time they got their man! We just don't need an unsolved domestic terrorism case in America right now.

This arrest is the second in the ricin letter case. The first suspect was Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis who declared his innocence from the beginning and was later released for insufficient evidence. However, it was Curtis who first named Dutschke. Apparently, the two had been feuding for years. Yes, the Elvis impersonator believes he was framed by the Martial Arts instructor.

I knew it wasn't the Elvis impersonator!


Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but when Curtis's arrest went down, I just couldn't believe an Elvis impersonator could be behind the ricin letters. It just didn't sit right with me. I mean, delicately and vindictively lacing letters with ricin by day but hip swiveling in a jumpsuit to "I'm All Shook Up" by night? WHAT? I realize I'm completely stereotyping here, but aren't Elvis impersonators all about making people happy?

Alright fine, fine -- this recently arrested Micky King guy really screws up my theories about the good nature of Elvis impersonators. But you can dig what I'm saying, right?

Anyway, I'm not going to get into Martial Arts instructors and how that may or may not work alongside a ricin plot. Let me just say I really hope the FBI got it right this time. This country could really use a sigh of relief in one ongoing terrorism case right now. 

Aol - New Suspect In Ricin Letters Case Has Feuded With Paul Kevin Curtis

How do you think this ricin letter case is going to play out?


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