Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Reportedly Wasn't Armed After All So Scratch That Suicide Theory

Remember that whole thing about how Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev engaged in a gun battle with police from inside the dry-docked boat where he was hiding? And how he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the mouth? Well, scratch all that. Turns out the guy didn't have a gun after all! Authorities reportedly got it all wrong when they originally said that a rifle had been recovered from the boat. Hmm. Wonder what went on here?


The new account of an unarmed Dzhokhar, reportedly given by two unnamed officials, directly contradicts the account given by the Boston police. Original reports said an M14 rifle had been found on the boat. Also, it's been widely reported that the suspect sustained a throat wound, probably from trying to commit suicide.

Now they're saying it was all just a mistake?! So what happened here? Looking at the pictures of the boat, it's clear that it was riddled with flying bullets. Were officers firing on an unarmed man? Thermal images of the boat appear to show a large rifle inside of it. Or is that white glowing thing a rifle? Now that I think about it, it could be anything.

I'm so confuzzled. So you mean to tell me that dozens of police were firing on an unarmed man?

On the one hand, they may not have known he was unarmed. Chances were pretty good that he wasn't. But were they never given orders to take him alive? He was worth more alive than dead.

And what about this throat wound? Did that happen during the gunfight from the night before? Or did he shoot himself before he got in the boat and ditch the gun somewhere? Seems unlikely he could have survived the entire day with a wound like that. And if he did it right before he got into the boat, wouldn't police have found a gun? If he didn't do it himself, how does he get a throat wound with a trajectory from the mouth to the neck from being fired on from outside of a boat?

I hate to say it, but the authorities have just added a lot of fuel to the conspiracy fires. I personally always found the suicide story a tad suspicious. Why would a guy do his best to evade police all day if he was only going to kill himself? He doesn't seem the type. He seems like he likes life -- his OWN life.

Obviously when there's this much chaos -- and this many people leaking information to the press -- there is going to be conflicting information. A lot of "sources" aren't even that close to the action, yet they blab to reporters as if they know exactly what is going on. Trust me, I know. And outlets are so eager to get any scrap of information that they run with it, even when they have no proof other than what one person is saying.

So who knows exactly what happened here. But everyone should work on getting their stories straight.

How do you think Dzhokhar ended up with a throat wound?

Image via FBI

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