Suspect Who Kidnapped 10-Year-Old From Her Bedroom Can't Hurt Any More Kids

Tobias Dustin SummersNeed some good news? Tobias Dustin Summers, the man suspected of kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from her California bedroom, has been captured in Mexico. The transient, who allegedly raped the little girl with an accomplice before abandoning her in a parking lot, will be shipped back home to the US to face court proceedings.

Thank. Goodness. Now parents in two different countries can breathe a little easier.


Granted, Summers is just a "suspect." He hasn't been convicted. But police say he was identified thanks to a Superman logo tattoo on his chest. That kind of narrows things down, doesn't it?

How many guys fitting the rapist's description also have a lame superhero tat on their chest? It's got to be him!

Maybe I'm just clinging to the details because I so want this guy to be THE guy, I so want the sicko who would do something this heinous to a child to be locked up. As Alfredo Arenas, commander of the Baja California State Police fugitive squad that helped bring Summers in, explained:

I always make a point to capture people that have sex with children. Because if given the opportunity, they will rape a Mexican child.

As a mom, I know that there are a ton of these guys out there that we don't even know about. Thinking about them all would drive me nuts. I'd never be able to let my daughter out of my sight. So I push them to the back of my mind.

But then a story of a 10-year-old kidnapped and molested crops up, and I can't help it. I get anxious. I worry about every other kid out there who is at risk.

That's what makes these capture stories so bittersweet. They're a reminder that a child was hurt, which is clearly not something anyone wants to celebrate. On the other hand, getting guys like this off the streets means protecting countless other kids from the same pain.

Here's hoping this arrest gives this little girl and her family some peace ... and that they got the right guy, so he can't victimize another kid.

What do you make of this case?


Image via LAPD

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