Boston Bombing Heroes: 6 Photos We'll Never Forget

boston MarathonSince the FBI released its photos of suspects one and two from the Boston Marathon bombing, the images of brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been burned in my mind. How could they not? If the FBI is right, these are the monsters responsible for a national tragedy.

I know I'm not alone. These faces are haunting us. And it's time we set them aside.

Because there are images from Boston that are much more important. These are the images of the heroes, the viral photos that have helped us see the good in the world.


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These are the photos of the victims who are triumphing despite the odds, the photos of people who have swooped in to help a hurting city, the photos of emergency responders who made a nation cheer.

These are the images we need to keep in our minds as we try to go to sleep at night. Because for every person in America who would do something as atrocious as bomb a marathon, there are dozens more who do the right thing.

Which of these images really resonates with you?


Image via CJSingh/Flickr

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