Worker Finds Pipe Bomb on Elementary School Roof & Brings It Inside

cute girlA pipe bomb containing rifle gun powder was recently found on the roof of an elementary school in Layton, Utah. Police have since destroyed the horrifying device, but say that things could have been serious (obviously) had it been joined with a lit fuse. However, here's the weird thing about this story: A school maintenance worker found the bomb when he was up working on the roof, and then, for whatever reason, he brought it inside the school before calling the cops. You know, the place where tons of children were.


By the time police arrived, the bomb was outside in the school parking lot, but according to reports, the worker took it into the building first. Chris Williams, a spokesman for the school district, said: "The employee said it looked like a pipe bomb. He took it off the roof -- not too sure why he did that -- but police were then notified." All 700 students, 70 teachers, and other school staff were safely evacuated to a nearby church, and thankfully, everyone is okay.

But again, why bring the bomb inside the school?

Perhaps it's because this is such a weird and terrifying situation and it was sort of just a knee-jerk reaction. I mean, I don't think I'd bring a bomb into a school after finding it on the roof, but who knows? People do weird things in the heat of the moment. Doesn't sound like the worker was trying to hurt anyone. Perhaps he just panicked.

The important thing is that everyone is okay. And that we use this as a learning experience: Don't bring bombs into elementary schools, kids.

What do you think of this?


Image via Elizabeth Albert/Flickr

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