Infrared Video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Capture Is Eerie But Powerful

Dzhokhar TsarnaevIt felt like the whole world was watching the takedown of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. At one point there were some 130,000 people tuned in to one UStream account broadcasting a local police scanner for the outside world to hear, and hundreds of thousands more were tuned in to the various TV networks, all waiting with bated breath. Now police have decided to give us an inside look at how it all went down with the release of video footage from an infrared camera trained on the now famous boat in that Watertown backyard.

Mostly black and white, the heat-sensing images are eerie. We can see the injured 19-year-old bombing suspect moving around inside that boat, the flash bangs set off by cops in an attempt to disorient him, and a robot working around the boat. But it's what we don't see that is the real story of this video.


Aside from the heat signature of the man suspected of helping his brother set off bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, we don't see people in the video. We don't see the dozens of emergency responders who put their lives on the line last week to protect the people of Boston and the nation.

It's not that they weren't there. Watertown was swarming with federal and local officials. 

For days these people and their families worried that they could be next, that they could lose their lives as they put them on the line to protect the people of Boston. Sadly, one did. Patrol Officer Sean A. Collier died on Friday morning in an altercation with the Tsarnaev brothers on the MIT campus.

But it's thanks to robots sent in to work around the boat in case Dzhokhar possessed more dangerous bombs, thanks to these infrared cameras, thanks to modern technology, that more officers weren't put in harm's way once again in the quest to bring in a dangerous suspect.

Remember that as you watch this video:

What do you find most fascinating about this video?


Image via FBI

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