Pathetic Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Supporters Think He's Innocent & Boston Bombing Never Happened

Just as there are "Holmies" who are convinced that Dark Knight theater shooter suspect James Holmes "isn't a bad guy," and there are those who think 9/11 and Sandy Hook never happened, there are, of course, those who think that the Tsarnaev brothers are innocent and the Boston Marathon bombing was an elaborate piece of performance art put on by everyone from the (still secretly alive) Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung to a double-amputee soldier to, well, the Muppets probably. EYE. ROLL.


A private Facebook group called Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Innocent already has over 12,000 members. The group's administrator is even having a fundraiser to pay for Dzhokhar's legal fees, and so far 86 people have RSVP'd. Other groups are also popping up.

Skeptics argue that Dzhokhar can be seen with his backpack after leaving the scene of the bombing. Other people think the photo of him walking down the street calmly while smoky chaos reigns in the background really just shows his arm behind him, not his backpack.

Boston Marathon "truthers" even go so far as to say that the entire event was staged. Some think that the picture of Jeff Bauman with his legs blown off is really a double-amputee soldier named Nick Vogt. Commenters posted pics of Jeff/Nick on the wall Dzhokhar support page and skeptically debated whether the amount of blood on him could indicate someone who had really lost two legs. Why Nick Vogt would have anything to do with staging a Boston Marathon fake bombing no one bothers to answer.

Yes, these pathetic people exist. Think about the morons who had the nerve to attack Gene Rosen, a hero teacher who helped Sandy Hook children in his home after the shooting. They accused him of being an actor and asked him how much he got paid!

These people aren't just thick-headed or stupid. What they are is terrified. Terrified at a world where random tragedy can reach out and snuff out their lives or the lives of their children.

All of this it-never-really-happened stuff is just that -- FEAR. It's a mind that cannot process that a young man can walk into an elementary school and blow away 20 children. It's a mind that cannot conceive of a world in which you can be running the Boston Marathon one minute and legless the next.

So they pretend it didn't happen. But by pretending it didn't happen, they do nothing to help find a solution. They disrespect the victims and their families. Yes, it's much more pleasant to live in a world where nothing bad is real. Where it's just a videogame or a horror film. And if you want to live there, go ahead. But don't try to drag others into your naive fantasyland.

The irony is that there is more proof than ever that bad shit happens because usually it's videotaped by a million different sources. And yet the disbelievers will deny what happens before their very eyes. I wonder, however, if they would deny it if it happened to them. I suspect that one time it would all be real!

There are REAL victims inside hospitals and graveyards right now. Truthers might do well to get offline and go visit them.

Do you believe the Boston bombing happened?

Image via hahaTango/Flickr

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