Timeline of All the Boston Bombing Craziness That Happened While You Were Sleeping

Boston bombingSuspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev still at largeThe events unfolding in Boston are like something out of a movie. For those of us who were up through the night, it may all seem like it makes sense, but for those who woke up to the news, catching up is hard and there are a lot of rumors floating around.

Here is a timeline of all the events, starting from Monday when the bombs first went off to around 5:30 p.m. yesterday when the suspects were shown in FBI photos, leading up to 6:30 a.m. when most of us were just waking up.

The news is convoluted and is a work in progress, but here is what you missed while you were sleeping:


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  • Monday, April 15, 2013: Two bombs explode at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring at least 150 more.
  • April 18, 2013, 5:30 p.m.: FBI releases photos of the two suspects.
  • April 18, 2013, 10:20 p.m.: Two men rob a 7-Eleven store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who are later thought to be the bombing suspects.
  • April 18, 2013, 10:30 p.m.: An MIT police officer is found shot in his car. He later died of his injuries.
  • April 18, 2013, 11 p.m.: Suspects carjack a black Mercedes SUV near Memorial Drive. Drop victim at a gas station on Memorial.
  • April 19, 2013, 1 a.m.: Police find the Mercedes SUV in Watertown (adjacent to Cambridge) where a gun fight ensues and suspects throw explosives at police. A transit police officer is critically wounded and the first suspect is injured as well. The suspect dies of his injuries.
  • April 19, 2013, 3:45 a.m.: Watertown on lockdown. Police go door to door looking for the surviving suspect.
  • April 19, 2013, 6 a.m.: The Boston MBTA shuts down all service for the entire day.
  • April 19, 2013, 6:30 a.m.: The suspects are reported as brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Dzhokhar, 19, is still at large. Tamerian, 26, is reportedly dead.

The story is continuing to unfold and there is an enormous amount of information and misinformation out there, but this is just a slice of what you may have missed overnight. And it isn't over yet.

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Image via FBI

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