Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing: A Moms Matter Hangout (VIDEO)

Moms Matter Google HangoutImagine how frightened you'd be if you got the news about the Boston Marathon explosions knowing that your own husband was there.

That was the reality for a CafeMom producer. She and a few writers from The Stir joined us for this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout to talk about the bombing and how it's affecting the nation's moms in particular.

Click through to see the video -- then tell us how you feel in the comments.


It was interesting to me that all of these moms were across the board on whether or not the Boston Marathon bombing would affect their decision to take their families to events with large crowds in the future. Some moms said that staying away from large events would mean staying away from many life experiences that we want for our kids (sporting events and Disney World, for example). Other moms admitted that they would definitely think long and hard before they'd make the decision to bring their family to a large public event.

I believe that in the future, most moms will be at least a little paranoid at big events, scouring the crowd for people with backpacks who seem to be acting a little off.

And that's sad.

How do you feel in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing? Are you more worried about your safety now than you were before? Or are you resigned to the fact that this kind of thing is going to happen every so often, and you hope against hope that you and your family are not anywhere around when it does?


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