Student Accused of Urinating in Teachers’ Coffee Pot Faces Assault Charges

coffee potI am sure a lot of students dream of getting back at their teachers, especially if they feel they are given a hard time in the classroom. Well, one Missouri student may have turned his revenge fantasy into reality. The 16-year-old is accused of urinating in a teachers' coffee pot. At least two faculty members drank the coffee, which one reported as having a strange "chemical taste." Ugh. Gross doesn't even begin to describe this situation. But wait, it gets worse.


After a three-week investigation by the school, which set up a hidden camera, the alleged assailant was taped sneaking into the faculty lounge and peeing into the glass carafe. No word on why the student was pissed-off (pun-intended) or what motivated him to commit such a gross prank.

What he allegedly did wasn't just gross, it was a potential health hazard. I know many people think urine is sterile, but that's actually a myth. As if drinking some kid's urine wasn't bad enough, the teachers are now undergoing medical testing to make sure that it did not pass on any diseases. 

I just can’t believe that school administrators actually had to set up a sting operation to catch someone peeing in their coffee. Instead of focusing on protecting students from bullying, assaults, or other crimes, they had to divert attention to this ridiculous situation. It's just disgusting and certainly not funny to anyone involved -- including the prankster, whose childish trick has some seriously adult consequences. Police say he will be charged with assault. If found guilty, he certainly deserves some sort of punishment.

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Do you think people are overreacting to this prank?

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