Married Woman Allegedly Uses Vodka & Threats to Sexually Assault Boys on Spring Break (VIDEO)

Here we go again with the married, middle-aged women hooking up with or trying to hook up with young boys. We're so accustomed to thinking of men as the predators that there's a double standard with the women. Oh, the boys must have wanted it, goes the refrain. They're being "educated." But that is really no better than saying a young girl "wants it" because she's dressed in a skirt or tight jeans or puckers her lips and posts pictures of it online. Yes, young people can be sexual and play around with their sexuality -- but that is for young people to explore on their own. Adults have an obligation to stay out of it. At any rate, nothing about 42-year-old Jeanine Shimandale of Florida, who allegedly had sex with two boys ages 17 and 13 while their teen friends looked on, sounds anything other than predatory. Listen to reportedly how she actually managed to get what she wanted.


Shimandale was house-sitting in Sarasota during spring break when she allegedly had sex with the two boys. Reportedly, three other teen friends were in the house at the same time and heard or witnessed the acts.

According to reports, she used cake- and cookie-flavored vodka to lure the teens. Ugh, cake- and cookie-flavored vodka?! Sounds like something someone concocted purely to get kids wasted.

But here's where Shimandale's predatory nature allegedly came out: Reportedly she threatened to hire a hitman to kill anyone who told what happened between her and the teen boys. It's unclear if she was threatening the teens in the house, but I don't know who else she could have said it to. She probably made sure the teens she allegedly had sex with knew it too. It's called abusing your power as an adult. They're teens. They probably think she really does have a hitman on speed dial.

But it makes me angry that some adults might still say that this isn't a big deal. That teen boys having sex with a big-boobed blonde woman isn't the same as a man abusing a young girl. But if the teen boys are so eager to have sex with her, why would she need the vodka? Why the threats?

It's unclear how word of what allegedly happened came to light, but at least one of the teens must have finally spoken up.

Shimandale's husband, Tom, says he had no idea what was going on and was completely shocked. Asked by a reporter if his wife apologized for what had allegedly happened, he says no, she just offered to divorce him if he got her out of jail.

Hopefully, he will let her sit there.

Do you think women can be just as predatory as men?

Image via Sarasota Sheriff's Office

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