Was This Army Captain Attacked for ... Being a Soldier?! (VIDEO)

wal martAs if our soldiers didn't have to deal with enough danger, a U.S. Army captain was attacked in a Wal-Mart allegedly because of his military service. Standing in line at the Albany, New York store dressed in his fatigues, the serviceman was seemingly targeted by another shopper. The entire unbelievable scene was caught on camera. Take a look.


It reportedly began as verbal harassment, as the alleged assailant, who police identified as 47-year-old Yiqiang Wu, yelled obscenities about the United States and the military. But things quickly escalated to violence. Wu lunged, and, though the Army captain tried to back away, he kept on coming.

The soldier was treated for his injuries at the store. While Wu's motives have not been revealed, police said he will be charged with a hate crime. If guilty, he certainly needs to pay for this crime. That soldier has faced God knows what defending this country and our rights. He should not have to deal with being attacked at a Wal-Mart checkout line of all places. Not that he felt his life was actually in mortal danger. He's dealt with far worse situations, I'm sure.

But this man, who is willing to die for his country, deserves better than this. In my opinion, he should be honored. Of course, I know not everyone agrees with the war. But we should keep in mind that soldiers do not pick their battles. If you want to show your displeasure or anger, write your congressman or join a protest group. Don't blame or attack a vet. They are just doing their job.

Do you know of other instances of vets being mistreated because of their military service?

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