Brothers Each Lose a Leg After Surviving Horrific Boston Marathon Bombings

boston marathon chaosIf you had loved ones in Boston yesterday, you probably rushed to a phone or a computer to try to track them down. But in the chaos after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, communications were a muddle, and many people were forced to sit and wait, not knowing if the people they loved had survived. Once such woman was Liz Norden, whose sons, Paul and JP Norden, have gone viral today. The brothers were both at the marathon's finish line, enjoying Patriots Day. Each lost a leg in the blast, but they're expected to make it.

Thank goodness. Some good news. Finally.


It's what people hope for as they anxiously await word of their loved ones in tragedy.

And yet, we tend to talk ourselves up into a frenzy, don't we? I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday, when rumors were spreading like wildfire about other planes down, other places attacked.

I was living in Virginia, my parents in New York State. Because of the tangle of phone lines, I could not get through to my family, and though in my head I knew they were far from the city and absolutely fine, my heart was in my throat.

When we don't know what to expect, we expect the worst.

And for good reason: we've learned that at least three people died in the bombing attack, one of them an innocent little 8-year-old boy.

For some, the answers they got were the very worst they could.

For people like Liz Norden, the answers weren't perfect -- her sons, who were recently laid off from jobs as roofers, aren't going to be climbing back up on roofs any time soon. Although they were sent to different hospitals, the brothers' legs were to be amputated in the same exact spot.

But they're alive.

Thank goodness.

We need more news like this.

Do you get frenzied and convince yourself the worst has happened at times like these or do you manage to stay calm?


Image via hahatango/Flickr

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