Reflection in Travis Alexander's Eye May Hold Jodi Arias' Guilt or Innocence (PHOTO)

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And the defense team in the Jodi Arias case is hoping that murdered boyfriend Travis Alexander's eyes will window right into Jodi's not guilty verdict. The defense claims that a final picture of Travis -- taken moments before his death -- show Jodi holding the camera in the reflection in his eye. The defense points out that Jodi is holding a camera -- NOT a weapon.


The prosecution calls the whole eye reflection thing "voo doo" and I tend to agree. First of all, I'm not really buying that you can see anything, even with the help of technology. But that won't stop a bunch of experts who will testify one way or the other about what can been seen, with one saying one thing, one saying the opposite, and the jury will become convinced based on whomever's argument they prefer that something can be seen.

Second of all, I'm confused as to how whether or not she is holding a weapon or a camera makes any difference. What is clear is that at some point, she did hold a weapon. Why does it matter when she held it?

How did these two go from shower to brutal murder in the blink of an eye?! I guess only Jodi knows, and she claims to have forgotten most of it. Court experts aren't the only ones staring into Travis's eye -- a guy on YouTube claims he can see Jodi plus two other people in Travis's eye. Talk about a Rorschach test!

The idea of having your murderer captured in the lens of your eye in the moments before your death is pretty creepy, though, isn't it? Since that appears to be the last photo of Alexander while he was alive, I'm even more stymied as to what could have happened (besides what Jodi says happened). He looks calm and serene. Not like someone who is arguing with his on-off girlfriend. He doesn't look like he's being threatened -- nor like he's threatening. If eyes are the windows to the soul, I'd say Alexander had no idea the woman taking pictures of him was about to end his life.

But things can escalate in the blink of an eye -- and obviously this scenario did. Literally.

What do you see in Travis's eye?


Image via Authorities

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