Making Baggy Pants Illegal Shouldn’t Make the Law Books

saggy pantsA town in Louisiana has had it with seeing your boxer shorts. Terrebonne Parish voted to make sagging your pants illegal -- the council ruled 8 to 1 to outlaw the bizarre trend and decided to hand out fines up to $150 for anyone caught busting a sag.

Terrebonne Parish isn't the first city to ban saggy pants -- New York City's considered it, and towns in Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and Michigan have given it a shot, as well.


But guess what? Sagging is still a thing. Kids, teens, young adults, whatever -- they're still wearing their pants low and showing off their gorgeous underwear.

Don't get me wrong, I think sagging is ridiculous. I, nor President Obama, want to see you walk around, nay, hobble around, showing off your underthings. I think it looks silly, lazy, and makes me think you've given up on life. I feel the same way about moms in the grocery store in pajama pants and anyone in Ed Hardy apparel.

These "styles" shouldn't be banned, though. In fact, they don't even warrant a political conversation. It's just a waste of time. Not only will the ordinance likely be overturned (seeing as it's unconstitutional and all), but it's sucking up energy that could be devoted to other social issues, like increasing the town's employment rate, instituting cheaper public transportation options, or providing more after-school programs.

There have to be more pressing issues than a teenager busting a sag -- maybe if the towns focus on those, people wouldn't feel the need to express their dejection with the way they wear their trouser.

Start banning saggy pants and what's next? On Wednesdays we have to wear pink? It's a slippery slope, and a totally unnecessary one.

What do you think about outlawing saggy pants?


Photo via victoriapeckham/Flickr

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