Woman's 911 Call for Divorce Might Sound Tempting but Don’t Try This at Home

Wouldn't it be a great world if when you got totally fed up with your husband, you could, say, call 911 and someone would come over, grant you a divorce, and escort hubby out the door? Sigh. One can dream, right? But this is the real world, and there are courts, lawyers, mediators, and therapists to figure out those matters. That didn't stop one Pennsylvania woman from magical thinking though. She called 911 -- because she wanted a divorce.


Police aren't identifying the 42-year-old woman but have reportedly slapped her with a disorderly conduct charge because she called 911 to request a divorce and to get cops to make her husband leave the house. Never mind that the husband had apparently not committed any crime (other than marrying a woman who would call 911 for a divorce).

Now I know we've seen some ridiculous 911 calls. A lot of people apparently think 911 is some sort of be-all help and assistance line. Ran out of cigarettes? Call 911! Need a beer run? Call 911! Feel like talking to Tim Tebow? Hey, call 911! Actually, people, DO NOT call 911 for any of those reasons, okay? Wait, too late. They already happened.

Perhaps we need a 911 refresher course. 911 is for life-threatening emergencies. Like your house is burning down. Like you see someone drowning. Like you're drowning. And I don't mean drowning in the banalities of your bad marriage.

Sometimes this is what I think fairy tales -- drummed into us from the time we can barely talk -- do to women. We expect that someone (usually a man) should come rescue us and sweep us away from all of life's difficulties. Well, that person won't be the cops. They have their own bad marriages to worry about.

Now this woman needs to put on her big girl pants and deal with her husband herself. Talk to him. Ask for a divorce. Call a lawyer. Millions of people have done it. It works pretty well.

Obviously, if the guy gets violent or something -- then call the cops. But until then, you're on your own. I know, sucks, right? Where's the divorce police when you need them?

Have you ever called 911 for a non-emergency?


Image via pass47/Flickr

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