Murder Suspect Oscar Pistorius’ ‘Drinking & Flirting’ in Public Sickens Witnesses

oscar pistoriusOh Oscar. Whatever you believe really happened in that Pretoria mansion on Valentine's Day, this is a shocker. Witnesses say murder suspect Oscar Pistorius was partying with friends at a trendy bar recently. The Olympic athlete was supposedly seen throwing back shots unfortunately known as "shooters." One witness says he even patted a friend's girlfriend on the bottom: "He was greeting a couple and then gave the woman a pat on her backside. It was so inappropriate."

"Inappropriate" doesn't even begin to describe it! Reportedly, the room got suddenly quiet when Pistorius and his entourage entered Kitchen Bar, a restaurant in South Africa. Pistorius settled into a private dining area. It was his first public outing since the shooting death of fiance, Reeva Steenkamp. "He was drinking shooters and he was flirtatious. He didn't seem like someone [who had] lost the love of his life," a woman at the restaurant later said. And that's pretty much what bothers most of us.


I don't know if Oscar is guilty of premeditated of murder or not. Regardless, the love of his life died tragically young just a few short months ago. It looks horribly insensitive to go out for drinks with friends so soon afterward.

I can see how such an ordeal would drive you to drink. If Pistorius really is innocent of the charges, you could hardly blame him for wanting to unwind with friends. But at home! Not in public. For crying out loud, didn't he think about how this would make him look?

Pistorius "strenuously and vigorously denies any inappropriate behaviour towards any people or women present, or 'partying it up' with shooters," according to a family spokesperson. Somehow, getting that message out through an intermediary instead of in person makes things even worse. No one needs to see Pistorius weeping in public at the accusation that he's partying on his girlfriend's grave. But it does conjure up the image of Pistorius waving his hand at an assistant with the instructions to "take care of that." Needless to say, Oscar's family is now advising him to just stay out of the public eye for now. He should listen to them.

Do you believe Pistorius was callously partying, or do you think witnesses were exaggerating?


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