Mom Throws Baby Across Bus So She Can Fight Another Woman (VIDEO)

Yet another example of stellar parenting (cough!) has made its way online with video of this young mother on a bus screaming at a rival for a man's attentions. The woman argues fiercely and ear-piercingly, and all the while her baby sits placidly on her lap, sucking on a pacifier. But when the young mom finally snaps, she does the unthinkable. She tosses the baby into the arms of a stunned bus passenger and takes off to go pummel the other woman, leaving her child behind in the care of strangers.


The video, which began making the rounds on LiveLeak and YouTube yesterday, appears to show two women screaming at each other while riding the bus in what the Daily Mail identifies as Connecticut (I didn't see any identifying information elsewhere).

The two are obviously fighting over a man (what else?), and the mother, who has her baby on her lap, hollers, "You just mad because mommy f**ked your man," to which the other woman replies she's "over it." This makes the mom lose it and she begins screaming, "If you over it, why you approaching me on the buuuuuusss???!!"

Kind of a good question, actually. Not even the bus driver telling the two to shut up stops the charming duo as they continue to trash talk each other. Finally the mom starts asking strangers to take her baby so she can fight. Or as she so eloquently puts it, "Somebody grab my motherf**king baby!"

Yeah, isn't this just what you want to do? Get involved with this. Not too surprisingly, no one on the bus moves or tries to intercept, not even the poor old man sitting in front of the mom as she screeches in his ear like a hyena.

The mother then begins to get upset that she's being "disrespected" in front of her baby. Frankly, the baby doesn't seem to have any clue that her mom is being disrespected -- he or she would probably just prefer everyone be quiet.

"Grab my baby! Grab my baby, man!" the woman continues to holler (shockingly, there are no takers) and then she finally just takes matters into her own hands and tosses the baby at a nearby passenger. That finally seems to get a rise out of the passengers, who emit a gasp of surprise as someone nearby catches the baby.

The two women then are pushed off the bus, leaving the baby behind in the care of a complete stranger. Or maybe it's a friend who decided to stay quiet during the whole altercation? Let's hope so but it's really hard to tell. And lemme ask the question we're probably all wondering ... is any of this real?

There's been an uptick in the past few years of homegrown videos of fights and other embarrassing behavior making it to the web, and this stuff drives traffic like crazy. So who knows. But I thought that video of the father whipping his daughters might be fake too, and that guy ended up being arrested.

If this is real, it's quite a sad commentary on everyone involved: Not only on this mother, but on the two adult women acting like screeching imbeciles, and the emotionally-comatose men who sit around ignoring it all.


Have you ever seen anything like this?


 Image via LiveLeak

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