Executed Man's Last Words Are Another Chance to Hurt His Victim

Rickey Lynn LewisIt's pretty safe to say that if you're on death row and about to sit in the execution chair, you are one sick motha. But Rickey Lynn Lewis, a Texas convict executed this week for murder and rape, takes sick to new heights. In his dying words, Lewis told his rape victim that she should be glad he raped her ... at least she isn't dead.

If you're sputtering at the audacity of the comment, join the club. How DARE he?


Lewis' last words before getting a lethal injection also included his insistence that he'd never killed the woman's fiance:

If I hadn't raped you, you wouldn't have lived. I didn't kill Mr. Newman and I didn't rob your house.

I was just there. ... I'm sorry for what you've gone through. It wasn't me that harmed and stole all of your stuff.

What a creep. To tell a woman that she should be grateful she was raped, heck, to tell anyone they should be grateful for being violated is sadistic. At best.

Lewis' victim, who has been brave enough to put her name out there, even though she's a victim of sexual violence, has already been put through more than anyone should have to handle. Connie Hilton was in bed with fiance George Newman 22 years ago when she heard a noise. Newman went to investigate, and he never came back. He was murdered. Hilton was raped. And their house was ransacked.

Lewis was arrested, but the two other men involved are still out there, and Hilton still fears they will come after her.

With all that on her plate, this man wants her to GRATEFUL?

Sorry. I don't buy it. If you've been violated, you deserve the right to be angry. And this refusal to accept blame masquerading as a faux apology doesn't change anything.

What do you make of this disturbing dying declaration?


Image via Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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