Teen 'Smitten' With Army Recruiter Killed in Shocking Murder-Suicide (VIDEO)

michelle miller A promising 17-year-old young woman from Rockville, Maryland who had her whole life ahead of her is dead today, after an apparent murder-suicide, and the details are downright chilling ... Michelle Miller's father says his daughter -- who enlisted in the Army Reserves to help pay for college -- was "smitten" by 31-year-old Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt, the sergeant who had recruited her.

Kevin Miller reports that his daughter rushed to the officer's side because she feared he was suicidal. Michelle Miller reportedly left her home at around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday night after receiving a text message from someone in her reservist platoon about Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt. She told her family that she had to help a friend, and when her father asked her to send the exact address, he only received one vague message from her. In fact, he says, "She wouldn't answer the phone, texts, nothing." She had totally "dropped off the radar."


It wasn't until later that Kevin Miller concluded, "She went to help him and he shot her for it." Police agree as well that Arndt must have killed them both at his home. What ... a ... nightmare.

At least judging from the details the victim's father and the police have come out with, Michelle and Arndt were way too close for comfort. When asked what he knew about his daughter's relationship with Arndt, Kevin Miller said:

I'm somewhat in the dark about that. Something quite likely was going on there. When she first was going to the meetings and whatnot she met him and she took pictures of him and some of the other people there. You could see she was kind of smitten with him and it's really hard to say on what level. She was really impressed by him.

Obviously, it's hard to conclusively say exactly what the relationship between them was. Perhaps the teen had a crush on the sergeant. Or maybe they actually crossed an inappropriate line, which led to this tragedy occurring. Either way, there was something wrong going on between the two. They were clearly too close for comfort.

Michelle Miller was a talented athlete who was academically talented, as well. She took multiple honors classes and was also taking classes at a college. She was one credit short of graduation, was tutoring other army recruits, and had been accepted to Arizona State University. It's beyond heart-wrenching that this was her fate. I'm not sure if there's anything that could comfort her family now, but with hope, the murder-suicide investigation can at least offer some answers to the unnerving questions this horrific incident has left hanging.

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