Wife of Teacher Accused of Molesting 13-Year-Old Student Stands by Her Man

policeDo you ever read a news story so horrible that you try to convince yourself it isn't true? Take the story of Daniel Reilly. He was a sixth grade teacher in New York City. Was that is, until allegations came out that he'd been sleeping with a young girl, a former student.

Oh, but I'm not done. Reilly is a new father of an 11-month-old baby, and cops say he had been having sex with the now 14-year-old victim in the apartment he shares with his wife and baby.

And it seems like his wife is standing by him.


Mrs. Reilly was photographed coming out of the courtroom where the now disgraced teacher faced multiple charges of rape, endangering the welfare of a child, and sexual abuse. The girl's sister allegedly found text messages between Reilly and her, text messages that police say prove the sexual relationship. Right now he's out on bail, so it will be up to the courts to determine his guilt.

But I can't help but wonder what's going through his wife's head right now. Her husband is charged with raping a child.

They have a child.

Her husband is accused of violating the sanctity of their home. And she has to share that home with him.

Good for her for doing what is best for her family, but I don't envy her, that's for sure. She's got the world on her shoulders right now.

How do people get past an accusation like this?

I'll allow that even the most depraved killers have people who still love them. People can learn to love the sinner even as they hate the sin. But some things go beyond the pale.

For me it would be my husband and father of my child accused of raping a child.

How about you? Could you stand by a guy accused of something so heinous?


Image via Alex E. Proimos/Flickr

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