College Campus Stabbing Sounds Horrifying but Could Have Been Much, Much Worse

knifeYou know it's been a bad day on a college campus when the best thing you can say is "at least there wasn't a shooting." Indeed no guns were used at Lone Star College's Cy-Fair campus, at least not by the attacker who allegedly stabbed at least 14 people at the school outside Houston. With the college on lockdown, at least four people had to be airlifted out because of their injuries, and the suspect was only stopped by a brave student tackling him.

The reports are unsettling. The injuries scary. But it's impossible to deny the sense of relief that comes when you read reports of critical injuries rather than fatalities.


It may not be a popular opinion, and it's not one easy to say without fear that it will be taken the wrong way. People were hurt at Lone Star today. They deserved better.

But at some point we as a society need to begin breaking down these mass attacks, especially those at schools, as we push our politicians to make policy.

This attacker -- who students said was hearing impaired -- stabbed people with a box-cutter type knife, and they were hurt. 

He didn't kill them with a gun.

We have had too many mass shootings to count in recent years. I can't remember a single mass stabbing.

Does the distinction matter? For people who were hurt at Lone Star, maybe not. Again, their injuries should not be disregarded or downplayed. The man who did this to them should be locked up.

But for those of us on the outside debating gun control, the outcome at Lone Star today is another factor we must consider in determining what sort of weapons we want to regulate.

I've noted the sarcastic comments from right wing friends today. They joke that we must "ban the knives now."

I see their point. And I raise them one: knives can kill too, but it's a heckuva lot harder to take out 14 people in one fell swoop with a blade than it is with an automatic rifle.

How are you feeling about gun control after this incident?


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