Infant Daughter Alive in Mom's Arms After Killings at Pit Bull Breeding Farm

A 2-month-old girl and a 2-year-old girl miraculously survived a three-person massacre at a pot and pit bull breeding farm. A man coming to pick up a pit bull found the older girl sitting alone on some steps. He then made the horrific discovery of the little girl's mother shot dead -- with her infant girl still in her arms. Two men were also found killed. Authorities have ruled out a murder/suicide and say that the farm was most likely used to breed pit bulls for fighting. Marijuana was apparently also being grown on the premises, and $95,000 worth of the plant was found.


You have to wonder what the motive here was -- if so much valuable pot was found left behind. Doesn't sound like a robbery. Revenge?

Authorities say that homes are now being looked for for the dogs -- there were around 70 of them. The poor dogs will have an uphill battle finding good homes. It's difficult enough to find homes for pit bulls, but add in the fact that they may have been trained for fighting, and what kind of home would want them except the awful kind? Hopefully some good-hearted souls who have experience with this breed will be able to step up.

Whoever killed the three adults also spared the children, who are now with their grandparents. I can't imagine what they must have witnessed. The 2-month-old was reportedly found still cradled in her mom's arms. What did that mother go through, knowing she would be killed, and holding tight to her baby?

Of course, we can judge. We can say, Why would this mother put her children in harm's way and put them on a pot and pit bull breeding farm?! It's a good question. But I don't know her history. I don't know what she grew up with or what choices or lack of choices she may have had.

It's a miracle the kids survived, and hopefully now they -- plus the dogs -- will find better lives than the ones they've had so far.

What do you think could have happened here?

Image via Luis Alves/Flickr

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