Teen Allegedly Kills His Grandpa Because His Grandma Asked Him To

janet william stricklandA 64-year-old grandma has been arrested for hiring her grandson to murder her husband because she was "sick" of him, and, apparently, because she wanted all of his money. Janet Strickland's husband, William Strickland, 72, was shot and killed outside of his own house recently while he waited for a ride to his dialysis appointment. The alleged gunman is also named William Strickland, and he's the 19-year-old grandson of the older Strickland. Janet Strickland is currently being held at a hospital where she was being treated for lung disease and high blood pressure, and her bail has been set at $500,000. William Strickland is being held without bail in prison.


Janet reportedly watched from inside when her grandson allegedly shot his grandfather (six times). After the older Strickland collapsed and died, the pair reportedly stole his casino bag filled with money, withdrew cash from his bank account, and went on a shopping spree -- Janet, home furnishings; William, tattoos and a new cellphone. According to the Assistant State's Attorney: "[They] discussed on numerous occasions killing the victim. Janet Strickland stated numerous times to her grandson that she was sick of his grandfather and that she wanted her husband dead. She stated she wished he was not here and she wanted him gone."

Here's an idea: Divorce him. Every day couples get sick of one another, and you know what they do: They split up. They don't hire a relative to kill them.

I'm not defending what the younger Strickland did in the slightest. I think it's disgusting and justice should be served. But I will say this: Here's a kid who never had a fighting chance. When your grandmother -- the person you live with -- instructs you to commit a crime so heinous, what are you supposed to think? Of course, William should have known that murder is wrong, but I seriously doubt he had many good examples growing up, if any at all.

Hopefully, both William and Janet will pay for what they did. And their punishment ought to be equal -- regardless of who pulled the trigger.

What do you think of this?

Images via Chicago Police Department

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