Teen Boy Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Four 200-Pound Women

We're so accustomed to reading about sexual assaults of women in the news that when you hear one about a man being sexually assaulted, your first reaction is almost disbelief. Or you even want to crack a joke about it (if you're not out to win any sensitivity awards, that is). But police say it's not that uncommon that men are sexually assaulted by a woman. And one 19-year-old man in Toronto says he was sexually assaulted by not just one woman -- but four!


Reportedly, the unidentified teen met the women -- who authorities say were in their 30s and all weighed about 200 pounds -- at a nightclub. When they left, the women apparently offered him a ride home and he accepted. But instead of driving him home, the women drove him elsewhere, and then he claims all four sexually assaulted him. A detective on the case said that it's "not completely unusual" for a man to file a sexual assault report against a woman.

One source says that five percent of rapes reported in the U.S. are those of men doing the reporting. In some states a man can't even claim he was raped because his assault wouldn't meet the definition of "forcible rape," which would require penetration.

I can really only think how brave this teen boy was to walk into a police station in Toronto and report the assault by four grown women. He, of course, should have absolutely no reason to be ashamed about that any more than if a teen girl was gang banged by four men -- but you can only imagine that he probably worried that he wouldn't be taken seriously, or would be doubted, or even laughed at and told it wasn't a big deal. Hell, that happens to women, so it probably happens even moreso to men reporting sex crimes against them by women.

But four 200-pound women could have easily overpowered this teen. We don't know what happened, none of us were there. But is it possible for a man to be raped? Absolutely. And I hope everyone he tells this to -- be it friends or family or whomever -- realizes this and takes it seriously.

Do you know any men who have been sexually assaulted?


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