Vacationing Cop at Airport Tackles Crazed Passenger in the Security Line (VIDEO)

airport attackIt was a scary scene at the Honolulu International Airport a few days ago. A woman suddenly attacked a female TSA agent. Apparently there was no other security personnel around at the time and a vacationing off-duty cop had to come to her rescue. The entire incident was caught on video and it is clear the attacker was  enraged and determined to do some damage. If he hadn't been there, that guard could have been seriously hurt. Check out how this hero quickly and expertly took down that crazed woman!


As officer Justin Rogers waited in the security line with his shoes off, a fellow passenger just seemed to suddenly snap and go after the TSA official. As the pair struggled, the video shows him jumping over a barrier to come to the poor, unsuspecting airport worker's aid. He had to tackle the woman from behind to bring her to the ground.


His friends say they aren't surprised by Justin's heroic deed. A seven year veteran of a San Francisco police force, he is always willing to help. This is just proof that the people who sign up to protect and serve are never really off duty. I suppose that is the type of people they are deep down inside. It certainly takes a special courage to be a cop or joined the armed services and risk your life to ensure the rights and safety of others. That doesn't just shut off when you are on vacation or after your work day ends. And we should all be thankful for that!

Do you think Justin's actions were courageous?


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