Electrified Anti-Rape Lingerie Is Every Woman's Best Defense Against Sexual Assault

lingerieI was surprised by the the latest innovation in women's underwear. It's sure to stun you too. No, it's not the latest push-up bra from Victoria's Secret or tummy sucking contraption from Spanx. Indian engineering students have come up with anti-rape lingerie. You read that right: anti-rape lingerie. Yes, it's sad that we would need such a thing, but given the fact that there is a sexual assault in this country every two minutes, it's something a lot of women will be interested in. It's actually pretty ingenious. It actually works. Here's how.


It's an electrified garment that can shock an attacker up to 82 times. There is an "electric shock circuit board" near the breast area that sends a powerful zap to the unsuspecting pervert. Not only that, it also has software that alerts the police and a GPS tracker. Amazing right?

No details on what it looks like, the fabric that is used, how heavy the contraption will be, or how in the world it can be washed. They probably have a lot of bugs to work out. Still, I am both excited and saddend by this innovation. 

It was created to help combat the spate of brutal rapes that are occurring in India, but this could help women everywhere. It's a sad reality of the rape culture that has become an epidemic all over the globe. I couldn't believe the recent story of the fifth graders accused of plotting to rape and murder a classmate. And who can forget the Steubenville rape trial. It's disgusting that in a time with so much advancement in other areas of our lives, we are still in the stone ages when it comes to women's safety. Just think, over half of all sexual assaults aren't even reported. Even scarier, two-thirds of all attacks are done by someone the victim knows. The world is a very dangerous place for women. I suppose until we figure out a way to end these horrible sex crimes, an electro-shock bra may be the best solution we have.

Would you buy anti-rape lingerie?

Image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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