Mom Stabbed in Broad Daylight While Baby Sits Helpless in Stroller

butcher knifeIt's a hard thing to admit, but being a mom makes you more vulnerable. Where most of us see a bundle of love, criminals often see babies as collateral damage in their mission to do something descpicable, and the horror that befell a mom in Boston this week only drives that one home. The mom pushing a stroller was brutally attacked in broad daylight, stabbed with a butcher knife while her 8-month-old son lay, helpless.

And now that police have at least one of her assailants in custody, we know now that they used her baby against her. Worse? At least one of the alleged attackers was the baby's own father.


According to Boston police, 17-year-old Samia Jones and her boyfriend, Daquan Sparks, tricked Sparks' ex-girlfriend into meeting them with a claim that he had sneakers for the little boy. When the unidentified mom showed up, pushing the stroller, they allegedly sprung into action, with Sparks holding her and Jones stabbing.

My heart hurts for the woman here. I can only imagine her desperate, horrified that even as she was being hurt, she could do nothing to protect her baby.

The good news is mom is in the hospital and expected to recover, and the little guy is fine. He was apparently unharmed.

And yet, he saw it all go down, didn't he? He was lying there, watching as his own MOTHER, the woman who loved him and sang to him and changed his diapers, was being hurt. He had to see her covered in blood as she dragged herself and her equally blood-covered stroller down the street before she collapsed in front of a store.

It's as if these criminals didn't even register that what they were doing was going to hurt not just their intended target but this child. It's as if he wasn't even there ... at least not to them.

I'm horrified that anyone would decide to stab someone. But I'm mystified by the attitude a certain element of society has toward kids.

It's almost as if they see them as objects rather than people, albeit objects that tend to help them.

There's no doubt that criminals target mothers. They see you with a child, and they know you're not going to run; you're going to stand your ground to defend your baby. They use our babies against us. They ignore a child's own humanity.

I guess I shouldn't expect much more from the type of people who would stab a woman with a butcher knife, to the point where she ends up in the hospital, but I just hate having to be so cynical.

Do you feel more vulnerable as a mom out there with a child?


Image via Seniju/Flickr

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