Kidnapping Caught on Tape Might Be Worst Birthday Present Ever (VIDEO)

Imagine you're walking along the street with a friend when all of a sudden, two men, one in a ski mask and one with a plastic bag over his head, run after you. One of them takes out a gun, points it at you, and forces you into a black van. Surprissssse!!!!! Yeah, police believe that the "kidnapping" that was witnessed by several bystanders, reportedly including a 10-year-old girl, was merely part of someone's awesome birthday surprise. Only no one knew that and naturally everyone freaked and called the cops.


The incident happened early Friday evening when a couple, a man and a woman, were walking along a Manhattan street. Suddenly two men ran up behind them, the woman screamed, and the two men forced them into a black van that screeched around the corner.

Police were called and began canvassing the scene. It was also all caught on surveillance video (can't get away with anything these days, I tell you), and that was released to the public to try and find the kidnappers.

Only after no one was ever reported missing, police began to smell a rat (or at least some stale birthday cake). According to CNN, the people involved came forward and admitted that this was part of a birthday hoax.

On the one hand, Whew. I'm glad people aren't actually getting snatched off the streets of New York in the middle of the day. On the other hand, who the HELL thought this was a good idea?!!

First off, you've got witnesses, who are obviously going to call police who then take up valuable police time chasing down a bogus kidnapping. Then you've got witnesses, such as the reported 10-year-old girl, who might be traumatized from witnessing something like this. Her entire sense of safety about her neighborhood, and life in general, has just been corrupted for some stupid prank.

Police say no charges will be filed, and frankly, I think charges should be filed! Honestly, this is the stupidest thing I've heard of in a long time. What ever happened to hiding behind a couch and then jumping out when your friend comes home and yelling, "Surprissse!!!"??? I guess you can't arrest people for stupidity, but I surely wish you could!

Would you ever do something like this for a prank? Do you think charges should be filed against the fake kidnappers?

Image via YouTube

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