Charles Manson Follower Allegedly Tried Smuggling Dangerous Tool to His Leader in Prison (?!)

prisonWow. So many, many scary things about this story. First of all, just the words "Charles Manson follower" should be enough to freak you out -- what?! Charles Manson still has followers?! I can't wrap my head around how the Manson Family patriarch had any followers in the first place ... let alone how he convinced them to carry out multiple murders. And if by some miracle you don't know the 40-year-old details, you'll have to search out the horror story specifics elsewhere because I don't particularly feel like having nightmares for the next month. Although, never mind, I'll be having nightmares anyway because -- did I mention? Charles Manson STILL has followers!!

It gets worse. The 78-year-old cult leader, currently serving a life sentence in California's Corcoran State Prison, still has active followers -- like the one who just got arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle something very, very dangerous into Manson's hands.


Craig Carlisle Hammond, 63, was arrested Sunday for (allegedly) trying to bring a cellphone to Manson in prison. YIKES! A "wrist watch cellphone," to be exact, which was found by a correctional officer in an area where the device was "prohibited." In addition to the smuggling attempt, Hammond was officially charged with investigation of conspiracy and possession of an illegal communication device.

If a cellphone doesn't sound "dangerous" to you, think of it this way: Charles Manson is like Voldemort, okay? So the fact that he has followers like Hammond -- who goes by the name Gray Wolf because that's the name Manson gave him -- pulling stunts like this is kind of like Harry and Hermione and Ron all of a sudden looking up and seeing The Dark Mark in the air. Not a good sign.

Gray Wolf posted bail and is scheduled to be in court next month.

Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy, however, remain on the loose.

Does it freak you out that Charles Manson has followers?

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